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Thank you so much for your interest in ordering from SST Publications!

We’ve tried to make the ordering process as easy as possible for you.

To order any of our titles please just visit the Menus above for ‘Pre-orders’, ‘Books’, ‘Magazines’ and ‘SST Series Titles’ and select the title you’d like to purchase.

On the title’s page you will see ‘Add to Cart’ buttons for items that are available to purchase. The default quantity is set to ‘1’, but if you’d like more copies just change the number to the quantity you’d like and then click the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Once you add an item to your cart the ‘Shopping Cart’ will open up and display the contents for you. To close the ‘Cart’ just click the ‘X’ at the top right of the cart.

As soon as you add an item to you cart a little Shopping Cart image appears on the far-right hand side of your screen:

View Shopping Cart Image

If there isn’t the little shopping cart image, then your cart is currently empty and is ready for you to start filling it up with lovely books!

Any time you wish to view the contents of your ‘Shopping Cart’ just click the little cart image and it will open it up for you and show you all the lovely goodies inside.

Once you’ve spent all your money and are ready to Checkout, just click the ‘Checkout’ link in your cart and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please enter all of your details. (We only ask for your telephone number in case we ship your order via courier. Couriers require a contact number in case there’s a problem with your delivery.)

Please Note: The Shipping method is set by the cheapest option available by default. We all know just how expensive the shipping costs are now. If you would like a faster shipping method please just change it to ‘1st Class’ for UK and ‘International Standard’ for overseas orders.

The shipping charges are for shipping alone and are what the Royal Mail and Couriers charge us. We eat the packaging prices as we feel that the shipping is expensive enough for our customers.

You will notice that there isn’t an International Economy shipping option for Europe. The reason being is that there’s only about a 10p difference between European International Standard and European International Economy.

One final thing: If you have a discount code (please sign up for our Newsletter for special offers!) you can enter it in the ‘Discount’ box underneath the item image. Then click ‘Apply’ and watch the pounds fall off the total!

That’s it! Just sit back and wait for your lovely items to appear at your door.

Our shopping Cart is provided by Shopify so you know it’s safe and secure.

Finally, a HUGE thank you for ordering direct from SST Publications! We really are incredibly grateful for your order and your support!

If you need any help at all ordering from our site, please don’t hesitate to email Paul Fry at and he’ll be only too happy to help.