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Eric Red

Cover art by John Gallagher

"In our mythos of the Old West, there are bad guys and even badder guys. But Eric Red's are the biggest, baddest guys of all..."—Jack Ketchum

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Price: £18.95 (Signed & Lined Trade Hardcover)

Price: £10.95 (Trade Paperback)

Six-guns vs. werewolves in the Old West!

They're hired guns. The best at what they do. They've left bodies in their wake across the West. But this job is different. It'll take all their skill and courage. And very special bullets. Because their targets this time won't be shooting back. They'll fight back with ripping claws, tearing fangs and animal cunning. They're werewolves. A pack of bloodthirsty wolfmen have taken over a small Mexican village, and the gunmen are the villagers' last hope. The light of the full moon will reveal the deadliest showdown the West has ever seen—three men with six-shooters facing off against snarling, inhuman monsters.

© Eric Red


"With THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE, Eric Red delivers a wild mash-up of action-thriller and bloody horror. This one really digs its claws into you from page one to last bite. Fast, furious, and wickedly fun. Highly recommended."
Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of FIRE & ASH and EXTINCTION MACHINE

"It's THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN meets DOG SOLDIERS! Taut, action packed and gory as hell! I couldn't put it down!"
Arrow In The Head at

"THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE is an old-fashioned, well-made dime novel, doing Louis L'Amour, Elmore Leonard and Richard Matheson proud."

"Bloody fights, desert vistas, a touch of romance, and plenty of werewolf action make THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE a fast-paced adventure. Screenwriter and author Red (DON'T STAND SO CLOSE) delivers a supernatural Western that should appeal to fans of the growing 'weird West' genre."
Library Journal

"Imagine THE MAGIFICENT SEVEN mixed with DOG SOLDIERS and you've got Eric Red's THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE. It's full of classic horror moments, non-stop action, and characters pushed to the edge. Three outlaws are hired by a young woman to protect her village from what she claims is a pack of werewolves. Seeing it as an easy job for three gunslingers looking to make some quick coin, they begin a journey that will forever change the way they see the world. Filled with action set pieces and terrifying monsters that are ready-made for big screen adaptation, GUNS is a fun and exciting read that no horror fan should miss."
Famous Monsters of Filmland

"For connoisseurs of the Old West, Eric Red's THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE has all the elements of a classic:
It opens with a fast-and-furious stagecoach heist;
It has outlaws who, beneath their coarse exterior, boast hearts of gold;
It has a beautiful heroine disguised as a boy;
And...oh yes! has WEREWOLVES!
Quick, smooth, easily read, an almost filmic rendition of the time-honored traditions of the Western, with a deftly handled incursion of the unnatural, with the two blended into a single, intriguing story."

"I really like the trend combining horror with Westerns and THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE increases my confidence in this surprisingly popular sub-genre. I thoroughly enjoyed Red's novel with its flawed heroes and the savagery of the werewolves. If you have yet to read a horror Western, this is a good book to start with."
Horror Fiction Review

"THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE is a fast paced, action packed, blood soaked novel that I'd thoroughly recommend."
Kendall Reviews

Title Details:

Series: The Men Who Walk Like Wolves (Book One)
RRP Price: £18.95 (Trade Hardcover)
RRP Price: £10.95 (Trade Paperback)
Publisher: Short, Scary Tales Publications
Release Date: March, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-909640-91-7 (6" x 9" Trade Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-909640-93-1 (6" x 9" Trade Paperback)
First Edition
Pages: 220 (Trade Hardcover) / 236 (Trade Paperback)

Trailer by Eric Red.

eBook edition also available.

The first 150 copies of the Trade Hardcover edition sold direct from our site will be personally SIGNED and LINED by Eric Red.

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Cover art © John Gallagher

Book Two in Eric Red's Dark Fantasy Series:
The Men Who Walk Like Wolves


Artwork © John Gallagher
Artwork © John Gallagher